How to treat cough with rapid phlegm and no side effects

Have you ever experienced a cough that does not heal. Have you ever bought drugs in pharmacies but your cough has not healed as well. Even weeks you still cough as well. Keep on frustrating with your cough problem. Though you are willing to spend a budget that is not small to buy drugs in pharmacies but the results are zero. Because not all diapotik drugs suitable for us because of your habit of taking drugs in the stalls. Well, what if I used to buy cough medicine in the stall but my cough does not go away also when I feel fit with this drug. Good question. I answer yes, because your cough does not match that. Naturally, if your cough does not heal.

Therefore I have a solution for you, because I am here to answer your complaints all. Because I have tips on how to treat cough with your phlegm quickly and without having any side effects. How to treat cough with phlegm is very patent once even I'm sure is perfect for you all. Because these materials have a natural power to repel your cough with phlegm. You can not wait anymore, Let's read this article until I guarantee you after you read the article you will immediately practice at home.

5 How to treat cough with phlegm with ingredients that have the natural power of repelling your cough with phlegm

1. Combine honey and ginger

How to treat cough with phlegm

Surely you all know that one of the benefits of honey is able to relieve cough. While ginger can treat sore throat. What if the two materials we combined what happened. Then arise a drug that can relieve cough and can cure your sore throat. As a result if you have a problem cough with phlegm honey and ginger is a very patent natural medicine to cure your phlegm. Because this drug is from our ancestors until now who still exist used to treat your cough with phlegm. How to treat cough with phlegm with these two ingredients is very easy.


  • Prepare 100gr ginger and grate and squeeze the water
  • Take a glass of warm water then mix the honey and juice of ginger water into the warm water earlier
  • Next drink at least 2x a day so your sputum quickly out and the results cough with your phlegm can heal quickly

2. Basil leave

We know that the best basil leaves are made in fresh vegetables. Especially if the chili tasty plus grilled chicken in mixed with lalapan basil leaves make a blend of taste nothing tara add to your appetite. But know if the basil leaves can treat your cough with phlegm does not even cause side effects. In addition, basil leaf is also powerful boost immunity because this leaf contains Beta carotene which is useful as an antibody and can repair damaged body cells. How to treat cough with phlegm basil leaves is very easy and you can try at home.


  • Prepare 1-2 water glasses and basil leaves 2-3 sheets and then boil until boiling.
  • Wait until it is too hot then pour it into a glass and drink the boiled water.
  • Drink regularly at least 2x a day to cough up your phlegm can heal by itself.

3. Garlic

One kitchen spice is very healthy. Many of its effective ingredients are able to treat many diseases. No wonder if almost all cooking housewives use this spice because in addition to taste the benefits of garlic is also good for health. Even this spice can cure your phlegm. it is really out of this garlic and the simplest Way once you live eat directly garlic without mixing anything. Because garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal function is very useful to eradicate the bacteria that cause cough with phlegm.

4. Mint leaves

Today mint leaves are used as a candy maker. Because it can cause fresh effects in the mouth and sweet on the candy and can relieve your throat for those who like to consume them. No wonder the mint leaves can also cure phlegm. How to treat cough with phlegm using mint leaves is easy because you are not difficult to make it like a potion.


  • Take some mint leaves and wash them clean
  • Heat the water to a boil and pour the mint leaves into it and then brewed to remove the scent
  • Wait until it is warm and then pour it into a glass
  • Drink regularly for at least 2x a day and feel the benefits of your cough up to you.

5. salt water

You already know that salt can be used as a medicine to cure toothache and canker sores. But you do not know that salt can also treat the phlegm cough you are experiencing right now. Because you all do not know how to treat cough with phlegm with salt water when very easy way. May I say how to treat cough with phlegm with salt water is a unique but very effective way to remove your phlegm. Because salt contains levels of sodium that can kill bacteria that cause cough with phlegm.


  • Prepare a glass of warm water and 2 a spoon of salt
  • Then input the salt into the glass that contains the warm water
  • After that stir until the salt is completely dissolved
  • Gargle with salt water
  • Do it regularly morning and night for your sputum to quickly come out and taaraa, cough with your phlegm healed completely.

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