How to whiten the faces of the natural white ladies

For women having white, clean, and toned faces is a must to add to their looks. Because all women should always look beautiful both at home and outside the home because for women the appearance is a must to be maintained. Because a lot of men see women with physical characteristics, although there are also some men who do not attach importance to the important appearance as long as the srek in the heart alias match. But I think men who like this number tend to be less than men who like to assess women with physical characteristics because the majority of men more interested in women beautiful, white, tall, and sexy.

Therefore I have good news for you ladies who want to have a natural white face but you do not know how. Well, on this happy occasion I will give tips for the ladies all how to whiten your face into a natural clean natural white.

Tips on how to whiten your face for the ladies who want to always be the dream of men

1. Yogurt

Maybe for the laity yogurt is hard to get. But if you are a layman who is very difficult to get yogurt I do not recommend you use this yogurt as bleach your face. But still there are other ingredients that I recommend for you all. so keep in mind this article to finish if you are seriously wishing to whiten your face but can not buy facial bleach medication. Back to topic! The reason yogurt can whiten the face and skin is because yogurt is very rich in lactic acid that efficaciously cleanses the skin and lifts dead cells so your face is white and bright. Moreover, the natural content of yogurt is designed for you who want to have a white face, bright, and natural. How to whiten the face using yogurt is very easy because of the easy way you can do yourself at home, even if you have a solid routine.


  • Take yogurt and pour it into the container you provide (I recommend plain yogurt)
  • Then apply evenly accompanied by gentle massage.
  • After that wait about 5-6 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • If you want fast and maximum results do every day before bed.

2. Lime

How to whiten your face next is to use lime fruit. Because the fruit of this one has a good antioxidant content to whiten the skin is no exception face. In addition to the benefits of whitening the skin of oranges can also shrink pores and powerful to eliminate your acne scars. Well, for the ladies who crave white skin and bright faces of lime is an alternative medicine if you do not want to use yogurt or other ingredients. Both yogurt and lime both have the same efficacious efficacy whiten the face naturally. How to whiten the face naturally using lime is quite easy to depend on which you want to.


  • Prepare 1 lime fruit and 1 chicken eggs.
  • Make lemon juice and mix it with egg whites.
  • After that luluran your face until evenly and accompanied by a fine massage.
  • Wait approximately 20-25 minutes to dry.
  • Rinse with warm water
  • If you want maximum results use regularly and look at the mirror then feel the results.

3. Potato

Potato is one of the tubers that has many benefits one of which is to whiten your face. Because these tubers contain minerals that can be used as a natural antibiotic that serves to slow the aging of the skin. Moreover, how to whiten the face using this potato is very simple once and even in the gandrungi by the artists on board. Because how to whiten face with this potato is very effective if you regularly wear it and not a few women who already feel the changes on their face.


  • Boil the potatoes first
  • Pound the potatoes until smooth
  • Combine 2 tablespoons of milk
  • Apply on your face, but if you want to have white skin you rub it all over your body.
  • Let stand for 30-40 minutes until the spread is dry
  • Rinse with warm, clean water for maximum results

4. Milk

How to whiten face

Have you ever heard of a milk bath! Have you ever heard of a milk bath at the spa! Maybe some lay people never heard the word because it sounds very strange. But not for an artist, rich people surely they often hear it even they often do it. Because they always keep their appearance to their skin white, valley, and clean. Because the milk bath in the spa is very good for your skin is superstition if a public figure willing to spend a lot of money to maintain healthy skin. Well this time, I will discuss whether it is really good milk for your skin. I say it's true because milk contains kalogen, vitamin D, and vitamin B6 which all three have a very good function for your skin health. Because if you regularly use milk for your skin then your skin is supple, fresh, white, and not wrinkled. For those of you who want to know how to whiten face with this milk you can try it at home.


  • Prepare a 1 glass of milk and 4 tablespoons honey
  • Mix the two ingredients until evenly mixed
  • Make a mask and apply on your face and if you want to have white skin you can luluran with mixture of this material
  • Let stand for 35 minutes
  • Then Rinse thoroughly

5. Bengkoang

This is the natural bleach ingredients of all skins both men and women because most body lotion in the market using a mixture of bengkoang fruit. Therefore do not doubt the efficacy in the affairs of whitening skin because this is the king. Because bengkoang many contain vitamin B and C patent once whiten and brighten the skin naturally. Moreover, how to whiten the face with bengkoang is very simple and very simple.


  • Prepare bengkoang and cut into 4 parts
  • Grated bengkoang and squeezed
  • Use the juice as a mask or scrub
  • Let stand until dry then rinse clean water

Well, that's an article about how to whiten your face is very powerful if you do not have the budget to buy drugs. But in fact there is the above materials instead used as the main ingredient for skin whitening drugs that may have you buy a store including me so you should never underestimate its ability.