How to remove acne stone using traditional materials

If we discuss what acne first appears in your mind. Surely that pictured in your mind is acne can reduce a little beauty and your looks. Because if we did not have acne we would be a little prettier and handsome. Especially for women who want to always look perfect in front of everyone because the majority of women want to get praise from friends and the opposite sex. It signifies that he managed to get men interested in him so he was convinced that he was beautiful because he could make a lot of men captivated including you.

Therefore both men and women alike do not want to be destined to have acne problems but whatever their power is not able to fight it. Acne can come anytime and anywhere even though you have done the best prevention to prevent it but acne still appears on your face. Well, therefore I have a trick how to get rid of acne stones with traditional materials that patent once eradicate the bacteria that cause acne. Why am I discussing this topic, because after I survey the average person who has acne problems always complain about acne stone so I am very interested to discuss it.

Before you read the procedure to get rid of acne stone it would be nice you first identify what is acne stone. Because as the saying goes ("do not know it is not love" and for the problem of acne "do not know it is not lost") Therefore let us discuss together completely about how to remove acne stone. Let's discuss it!

Tricks how to remove acne stone with a traditional material that is patent once in the affairs of discharge-eradicate acne

1. Potato

How to remove acne stone

Apa yang anda ketahui tentang kentang ini. Apa ya ? 🤔 mungkin kentang adalah jin yang membantu ucil dalam serial komedi tuyul dan mbak yul. hussh ngawur ! Bencanda bro. hehe yaa, hampir semua orang tau lah bentuknya seperti apa tapi mereka tidak tahu manfaatnya. Padahal manfaat kentang ini sangat paten sekali untuk menghilang jerawat batu anda. Dikarenakan kandungan yang ada didalam umbi-umbian ini dapat menyembuhkan jerawat batu yang anda alami. Cara menghilang jerawat batu dengan kentang sangatlah ampuh sekali bagi anda yang ingin bercita-cita menyembuhkan jerawat batu anda.


  • Take one potato and peel the skin and cut it thinly
  • After that paste the potato pieces into the acne of your stone
  • Allow up to about 10 minutes
  • Next Rinse with cold water over your face feels fresh

2. Aloe vera

Tanaman yang ini merupakan obat alami yang ampuh untuk kesuburan rambut anda. Tapi kalian ketahuilah bahwa lidah buaya ini juga ampuh untuk menghilangkan jerawat batu anda. Alasannya lidah buaya mengandung banyak vitamin diantaranya vitamin C, vitamin E, dan kaya akan mineral, serta mengandung antioksidan yang tinggi. Cara menghilangkan jerawat batu dengan lidah buaya sangat efektif sekali menyembuhkan jerawat batu sertasmenghilangkan bekas jerawat lama jika anda rutin menggunakannya.


  • Prepare 1 cut aloe vera Then take the purchase
  • Then puree the makeup like a mask
  • After that apply aloe vera mask evenly on your face and accompanied by gentle massage
  • Wait until the mask is completely dry then rinse with clean water.

3. Orange peel

Citrus fruit in addition to having a good taste also has many good benefits for the health of our bodies. Because its vitamin C content is very good for treating internal heat and thrush if the disease hits us even the orange peel is useful to get rid of acne stones that you may be experiencing right now. Caused orange peel also contains vitamin C alpha hydroxy acid that can lift dead cells and shrink the clogged pores.


  • Dry 1 fruit orange peel that we eat until it is completely dry
  • Tumbuklah until really smooth
  • Put enough water until it looks like a paste
  • Apply to your face evenly made like a mask
  • Wait until the mask is dry
  • Rinse with clean water but I recommend with warm water.

4. Tomato

Tomatoes are vegetables that are often used as a food supplement. Tomato is a natural weapon of stone acne killer because it has many contents such as vitamins A, C, k, and lycopene and anti-inflammatory substances are very powerful in eradicating acne. Moreover, the benefits of other tomatoes can reduce the oil on your face and can shrink your pores. How to remove acne stone with tomato is below.


  • Prepare the tomatoes then sliced ​​and mashed into soft
  • Create like a mask
  • After that apply all over your face until evenly distributed
  • Let stand until the tomato mask is dry
  • Rinse with warm water for maximum results

5. Egg whites

As I once mentioned before that egg whites do have properties can cure your acne stone. In fact, the way is quite easy even though you have solid runitinas but I guarantee you have time to get rid of your acne stone with this egg white. Caranyapun classified Simple once and suitable for those of you who do not want to bother.


  • Prepare 1 eggs and separate the egg yolks
  • Beat or stir until fluffy
  • Then apply the face of your face so that the results are much more leverage.
  • If you regularly apply this egg white mask look mirrored and feel the difference.

That's a little tips from me how to get rid of acne stone patent once and do not have to bother using it even though you have solid runitinas.

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