How to get rid of sand acne without a trace

Hello buddy, meet again with me, together with this special website to discuss various ways of natural health but have benefits outside can. I am happy to share the tips to all of you because in addition to devoting my hobby in writing as well as looking for merit charity jariyah for lunch hereafter. Because with this writing you can drain the reward constantly without stopping even though you are not in this world.

This is the easiest charity you get because everyone can do it. Therefore let us equally compete in goodness in any case as long as make a reward for you, let alone soon we will enter the holy month of Ramadan that promises double rewards.

Immediately, prepare yourself as best as possible by reading this article to increase your insight about the health world that you can do if you have acne problem of sand. I guarantee how to get rid of sand pimples that I write is really patent in all lines both men and women skin, because the material that I write is very powerful in the matter of eradicating the problem of acne exclude jerawati sand. Therefore I am very interested in taking the theme of how to get rid of acne of this sand because according to my domain and his tribe a lot of requests in my wa and Instagram to discuss how to get rid of acne sand. Before you I invite to discuss how to remove acne of sand this would be nice if you know the acne sand jerk itself.

Understanding acne sand?

Acne is a pimple acne that is almost similar to common acne in general, because both have a white colored nanah cuman form that distinguishes it is a sand acne usually appears with a lot of scale so it is very disturbing your appearance. Once you know the definition of acne sand, then you accidentally see the mirror and analyze whether your acne belongs to the category where sand pimples or not. If yes in the category of acne sand read this article more because I have a solution.

Solution how to get rid of acne sand naturally

1. Aloe vera

Who does not know aloe vera! ???? Plants are known as herbal plants that grow natural hair growers and quickly fertilize your hair. No wonder if this plant became a topnotch for hair nourishment business even now there is no match, really amazing. ???? But know if the aloe vera also has other weapons and if he use it will melt immediately. Yes, his weapon can eliminate acne one of them is acne sand. Moreover, aloe vera is very supportive of the very easy way you use either your solid routine would have time to do it, because the way is very simple once and does not require a long time.


  • Prepare aloe vera and salt to taste.
  • Cut aloe vera grab the jelly.
  • Then, puree the aloe vera
  • Mix with salt like a mask.
  • Apply to face your face so that the maximum results.
  • Let stand until the mask completely dries out.
  • Then rinse with warm water until clean.

2. Garlic

This is the spice kitchen that has health benefits can be and can be equated with salt. Because both have a myriad of health benefits for our body even for your skin care everything is so tame in the eyes of salt and garlic. As a result many men and women have felt the ferocity of garlic in the affairs of eradicating the bacteria that cause acne. The factor is garlic contains a high antioxidant so it is very powerful to kill bacteria cause acne even magic acne your sand can be lost without a trace. And extraordinary again how to get rid of sand pimples with spices this kitchen is very simple because you do not have to bother looking for the baham because I guarantee 100% already exist in your kitchen.


  • Prepare garlic and brown sugar and water.
  • Pound garlic until smooth and mix enough brown sugar and mix a little water until shaped like a cream mask.
  • Apply it all over your face
  • Wait until the mask completely dries out.
  • Then rinse warm water to clean.
  • Do it regularly if you want faster and maximum results.

3. Lime

How to get rid of acne sand

It's time for the defending champion to answer your complaints all because this is the natural ingredients of our ancestors until now still exist until now for the problem of eradicating acne let alone acne sand. Everything is cleared by the lime, how not because millions of Indonesian people still believe in this natural medicine because they are reluctant to replace with other materials. Why is that because this orange is perfect for all skin types both men / women and old / young are all so familiar with this lime. Therefore I never doubt his greatness, because I also feel it. For those of you who have sand acne problem this material you can try as the ultimate weapon so that your acne can disappear instantly. Unfortunately how to get rid of acne sand using lime is quite complicated because you have to mix it with rose water therefore you should search first. This is one weakness but if you are willing to look for rose water and mix with lime juice must now you always praise it.


  • Prepare lime and rose water.
  • Squeeze the lime and mix it into rose water.
  • Apply it to your entire face so that the result is much more leverage.
  • Let stand for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water until clean
  • If you want quick results you may do it every day because the more you routinely get lost anyway your sand acne even phenomenal can be without any trace on your face.

Well, that's how to get rid of acne sand with a powerful natural ingredients once eradicate acne one of them is acne sand. For those of you who are interested in my way you can practice directly at home. I guarantee the 3 way it all efficacious bring big changes on your face depending on which you want to choose. Thank you !

Wassalam ????