The most dangerous types of drugs in the world

Today many teenagers who do not know the types of drugs that are harmful to our bodies health because many young ABG who even addicted to this illicit goods. Especially for those of you who have been addicted to this dangerous drug then you are continuously killing your own character.

Therefore you should never try it, because this drug is the cause of HIV Aids no. 1 in the world and has taken many victims. As a result we as human beings are obliged to avoid it and for those of you who are addicted to this drug do not despair, opponents continue, and I always mensuport you if you want to stop using illicit drugs because I was the one who was in the front line against drugs. Therefore Stop drugs!

Type of drugs

If you want to be alert and alert with your friend's invitation it's good you have to know the types of drugs that are dangerous and we need to be aware that you all do not fall into the deep abyss and you can not climb it back. Therefore I will share useful information to you all about what kind of drugs that you should know and be aware of to avoid this illegal drug and not lost in the future.

Type type drugs you should be aware of and avoid

1. cocaine

Have you heard the word cocaine! Is cocaine harmful to us? The answer is yes, because cocaine is one type of drug that is dangerous and should be avoided because it has side effects that are very harmful to our health together one of them is damaging the kidneys, lungs, liver and blood vessels. In other words this type of drug can cause you heart failure, stroke, and worse can cause death. Therefore I appeal to you do not ever use the illicit goods because remember the angel of death always loves you.

2. crocodile

Krokodil is a very dangerous type of drug. How not to use this one drug is one of the most deadly drugs that are formulated on their own by using chemicals such as matches, factory wastes, and pain relievers and usually sipemakai will inject the drug the skin of his arm. Can you imagine yourself how terrible this drug because its side effects are very deadly and if you routinely wear it your meat will probably rot like a corpse.

3. Heroin

This is a haram medicine that is not foreign to our ears because of the many distributors and addicts in our country beloved Indonesia. Whereas initially this drug is used as a chronic pain medication and trauma but over time this drug is prohibited because of its harmful side effects. One side effect is a decline in the immune system, muscle weakness, and insomnia even in severe cases can damage our blood vessels so that it can lead to gangrene if not treated seriously.

4. Wander

The fourth dangerous drug is flakka. This type of illicit drug has no deadly side effects with its competitors. Proven this drug is very deadly for anyone pecandunya because it has side effects to increase body temperature continuously, increased heart rate, increase emotions, and the sufferer can hallucinate that not karuan. Even in the case of severe flakka addicts are relatively frequent heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.

5. Whoonga

The last dangerous type of drug is whoonga. Indeed for Indonesians this drug is very foreign in our ears but in southern Africa this illicit drug is widely circulated in the market due to its very cheap price. It is said that whoonga is used as a drug HIV Aids, detergent substances and deadly poison. But strangely this drug has a side effect that is not less deadly and the fact that happened in his country whoonga this can cause new diseases such as internal bleeding and magh and can cause death.

Conclusion: if you want to live healthily free of drugs then from that stop the drug from now because all it will only self-destruct and the young generation of the nation. Therefore let us together build this nation free of drugs and say no to nartoba.