This is the cause of pregnant women who are not aware of us

If we talk about pregnancy, which women do not want to have offspring and which men do not want to have children. Surely almost all women in this world are desperate to have children from their own wombs because pregnancy for women is an obligation if you are married later unless you get pregnant out of marriage is another story what is the matter. ???? What is it, yes gtu deh you can guess it yourself. Yes, you are clever that he answers. I applaud ????

Why pregnant women, why not men who are pregnant? Who can answer for those who know do not forget to comment below. Actually It is a common question but difficult to explain when the answer is easy to stay open google mbah ???? because Mbah Google has everything.

Okay go to the topic, the cause of difficult pregnant women due to many factors one of which is the infertility of each partner both men and women. Therefore, if your lover is pregnant I suggest invite her doctor to often check the condition of your partner's content. Whether normal or disturbed, and do not forget to ask your own advice because the advice of beliaulah will be very useful for you.

I have said the cause of pregnant women is a lot of these factors are also included so listen to me well talking. The other factor is the lack of information on your knowledge about how to get pregnant quickly in a safe and no risk because this is the main factor. Therefore I recommend that every woman should be obliged to know this way to be given an easy way to have children and make your household life more harmonious.

Actually want to get pregnant is easy yes, because in every human being already has a special instinct to produce. However, for a normal woman but not for women who complain about having difficulty in having a child, this woman needs special action and diligent of obstetrician, ask for suggestion how fast you can get pregnant and what cause you difficult to get pregnant. Therefore I have summarized in detail the common causes of women who are difficult to conceive hopefully useful and hopefully can help speed up your pregnancy process. Let's read more details.

5 A common cause of a woman is difficult to conceive

1. Unhealthy lifestyle

Basically this is one of the factors that cause difficulty pregnant women because many women who do not ignore it. In fact there are still many women who have an unhealthy lifestyle such as, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and rarely exercise plus fat-fed foods. Usually women like this almost have a difficult complaint to get pregnant if you do unhealthy style activity that as teenager even until now you do. Therefore stop the unhealthy style and start with a healthy lifestyle and assume a nutritious eating assumption so that you and all of you can make your future husband proud to have you.

2. Do not wait too long you delay pregnancy

Nowadays many career women are more concerned with his career than kewajibanya. Though all that is just a big mistake because the cause of pregnant women can be caused by the duration you contain your first child / pregnant. As a result if you are about 30-an age then I can assume more difficult to get pregnant than the age of 20's because the more you delay the pregnancy diusia growing eat less and less your egg production. Therefore if you and your partner aspire to build a household with you then you should direct your marriage faster do not like to delay until 30 years because the young age makes you easier to get pregnant. But remember do not get pregnant out of wedlock, finish your school and college and wait for the right moment and immediately apply your spouse.

3. Early menopause

Do you know the early menopause! What do you know about early menopause. Early menopause is that if a woman experiences menstrual stops in a young age, usually women who experience this syndrome suddenly stop menstruating at age under 39 years. The effect you can not get pregnant again because there is no more eggs that can be fertilized. If you married in this age and experienced it I guarantee your husband will be disappointed to marry you and sadistic again your husband will marry again with another woman.

4. Dense activity

Basically everyone must work to meet the needs of life and want to achieve the ideals that want to be dreamed not to mention women. Because someone who is said to be successful must work, even until hard work to forget the time is not possible successful people do not work. But did you know that the solid activity is one cause of pregnant women difficult. Be aware that excessive activity and excessive sports actually make it difficult for hami because the body fat that produces estrogen that spurs ovulation will gradually erode if you exercise excessively.

5. The quality of your partner's sperm

The cause of late pregnant women is the reduced quality of your partner's sperm because this is one important factor if you do not go pregnant alias barren. You should consult a doctor both find out why you are difficult to get pregnant because it could be your husband who experienced sterility. This is one way of knowing the cause, whether you or your lover who cause you is very difficult to get pregnant because it could be the source of the problem comes from your partner, because it takes 39 million sperm out to easily fertilize the egg. although if your spouse removes 20 million sperm you can still get pregnant but it is a little difficult and usually a bit long.