Tips on how to maintain your fasting health can be full 30 days

Good news for all Muslims around the world soon we will enter the holy month of Ramadan. Lucky we can still enjoy this blessed month with a healthy state walafiat amin. Therefore we use the best health that is given by this god to always charity Sholeh and increase ketaqwaan to God Almighty.

Well, this time I will give a little tips on how to maintain your health ahead of the holy month of Ramadan so that your fasting can be full without hole. For those of you who have poor physical health tips this could be your alternative to improve your health so that later in the month of Ramadan fasting ramadhan you can a full month. Tips on how to maintain this health can make your body fit and healthy and you do not need to spend money to start because you just run these tips regularly.

Tips on how to maintain health

Definition of holy month of ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadhan is a blessed month and forgiveness that occurs once a year and includes the 4 Islamic pillars and obliged all Muslims to fast. Usually the month of Ramadhan is most awaited all the Muslims in the world because of the many advantages one of them is to forgive all the sins we have committed during the past year. It is so awesome that this holy month of ramadhan is due to have a million advantages and even no altogether deficient, it is incredible. Obedient if all the Muslims in the world are so faithful to wait for the full moon of this forgiveness for the sake of seeking multiplicity for use in the next.

Therefore it is interesting if I want to share tips on how to maintain health in the holy month of Ramadan so that your fasting will always be full without obstacles. Let's look at these useful articles if you want your body to be fit for fasting.

Tips on how to maintain health in the holy month of Ramadan to maintain fitness while running fast.

1. Regular exercise

If you want to have a healthy soul and a strong body the way is you diligent exercise. Because every healthy body must be closely related to the sport. why because exercise is one way to increase our body resistance to disease attacks so that your body becomes immune to a disease. Whether in holy month of Ramadhan sport is also good for your health because there are many types of sports that are free but healthy for example healthy walk and jogging. I suggest if you are fasting to exercise better you should do light exercise just like a healthy walk or jog.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Did you know that in a strong and healthy body must be closely related to healthy 4 perfect 5. Everything is interconnected with each other including eating nutritious foods. Because food that has a lot of nutritional content usually tend to have a bad taste for the tongue of most Indonesians. Because eating nutritious foods is closely related to preservative-free foods and does not contain any nasty oils for our body such as japanese cuisine, salads, etc. But do not worry you can make it yourself at home according to your taste and start to eat eat full origin if we want to have a fit body every day when fasting later.

3. Drinking water as directed by doctors

Have you ever heard the term drink white water 8 glasses per day. In fact there are some people say drinking water 8 liter per day wow, that belly what gallon. ???? Clearly drink water at least 8 glasses per day is the right thing because the water is a cheap water health but the price has tremendous benefits. Therefore I recommend to you if you want to have a strong body healthy soul drinking water at least 8 glasses per day because this is the main component. So for those of you who want to live healthy routine drinking water at least 8 glass / day due to this white water is the main factor to maintain your health. Because if you have done various ways of sports that nourish our body what is the power of it all if you do not drink water can you imagine yourself how vain your efforts. Though tips on how to maintain health with water is the easiest to depend on whether you want to do it or not but I am sure tomorrow or the day after you will try it after reading my article.


  • After waking up drink a glass of white water 1 glasses.
  • Breakfast in the morning while drinking a glass of water.
  • Lunch over a glass of water.
  • In the afternoon, take a drink of 1 glass of water again.
  • Dinner 1 glass of water
  • Before going to bed drink another 1 glass of water
  • Do it gradually as the above method would be easy to do it and indirectly you have done the main component in maintaining your health.

4. Sleep healthy 8 hours / day

Do sleep early to maintain your appearance and your health because people who sleep less usually face pale and your eyes will feel sore even hard to focus on looking at someone. As a result all our activities will feel disturbed if you lack rest. especially for office workers who go in the morning to work must face pale, lethargic, not focused in work, and your confidence will decrease. Well you should sleep early to avoid the incident so that your boss will be happy to see our work and who knows there are additional envelopes because of your persistence.

5. Be diligent in worship

This is the key if you want to have a healthy body. The last way is to have a religious routine. Because with worship we can pray to him to be given birth and inner health amen. In order for everything you do is not in vain because we live in the world only temporarily so do your best to prepare the charity of worship and jariyah before the date to pick up. Therefore always ask forgiveness and given long life because only He is able to create it. We as human beings can only try and pray.

Some of my articles about tips on how to maintain your health in the holy month of ramadhan which I am sure is useful for you all for our fasting worship will be full without the constraints that bearti. Thank you ???? wassalam. .