How to relieve the most simple nose Simple nan fast and powerful

What happens if you have a clogged nose complaint would feel very annoyed because it is as if our nose is hard to breathe. Usually people who have a nasal congestion problem would be very disturbed because the person is difficult to breathe even at night before the sufferer is difficult to rest. As a result may cause new problems your body aches, lemes, and your face pale because you lack of sleep because nasal congestion menyiksamu.

Well, this time it's exciting for me to discuss topics about tricks on how to appease your stuffy nose quickly and so easily if you know how. The trick is you just enough to read this article just to finish because I have a trick how to relieve your clogged life quickly without the need to dizzy you buy drugs in the shop or drug store. In fact, millions of people around the world have already perceived it as a result this way is very effective at all to relieve your stuffy nose. You do not believe let's prove together that my way is very powerful at all in the stuffed nasal stuff.

How to relieve nasal congestion

Tricks how to relieve nasal congestion that I have experienced and I practice myself

Step 1

  • Mandi air hangat

If you have a stuffy nasal problem I suggest bathing in warm water so as not to aggravate your stuffy nose can even soothe your nose. For those of you who have a shower at home so lucky, because you do not need to bother to cook water. But if you do not have a shower you must be willing to take the time to cook water until hot then lift and then input into the bucket. Next mix with clean water that is not hot to warm and safe for bathing. Although the trick how to relieve nasal congestion is a little bit complicated but what's wrong if you spend a little time for your health.

Step 2

  • Minumlah air putih bersih hangat

As per doctors suggest that drinking water per day can keep your body healthy. Especially if you are sick of water must be faithful to accompany you. because every drink of medicine must drink water and do not recommend drinking another. Therefore white water is obligatory to drink every day. Even supposedly drinking warm water can relieve your stuffy nose, this is a fact not a myth because many Indonesians already feel it including myself.

Step 3

  • Rajinlah berkumur dengan air garam

Salt again salt again! Why is it always salt. There is no doubt that salt is the spice of a million people means kitchen spice has a million benefits. Which homes are no salt almost dipelosok this country every home must have in there salt there. It is not imaginary if salt can be juxtaposed with olive oil that equally has a million benefits for our health. One is to get rid of your stuffy nose. How to relieve nasal congestion with this salt is your ultimate attack to relieve nasal congestion that you complain about. I'm sure your problem can be resolved quickly if you do step-step correctly.


  • Prepare a glass that contains clean water.
  • And prepare 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Then pour salt into the grlas that contains the water and stir until the salt is completely dissolved.
  • Then gargle with the salt water solution.
  • Do a minimum of 2x a day for maximum 100% results.

So my article on tricks how to relieve your nasal congestion quickly and which certainly can be easily done to relieve your stuffy nose. I recommend if you want to relieve nasal congestion quickly do step by step was routinely at least 2x a day.