How to get rid of oil on the right face quickly

Assalamualaikum, my name is amar Mahfud. On this blissful occasion I will share my story on how to get rid of oil in the face quickly. Before starting this discussion let me tell you a little about my experience in the blogging world. Today I accepted to be an adsense publisher maybe if I know how to masang the ad code could be only 1-2 Sunday received by google.

I say many thanks to google and my friend who has helped me to become an adsense publisher. Especially for Mbah google hopefully more lively again and success in the future. Therefore this makes the motivation for me to be more active in writing articles that are useful so that you readers can get up to date information from my website. In short I will immediately share tips on how to remove the oil on your face quickly.

How to get rid of oil on the face

Actually how to remove the oil on the face is very Simple once depending on your own will whether you want to do it or not. How can this work if you do not want to remove the oil on your face seriously. Therefore there must be intention in your heart and a little effort so that the results can be maximized. I guarantee tips on how to get rid of oil on this face is very powerful and popular for women who crave a healthy face, clean and free of oil.

Tips on how to remove the oil on your face so that your face looks white shine

1. Using lime

How to remove oil on the face

The fruit of this one is a fruit that is often used as a complement of chili flavor and as a substitute for natural vinegar meatballs, soup, and noodles in order to create a taste that no tara. In addition, this fruit also has many benefits that are good for your health and beauty for the women. This one fruit is known to be very efficacious in the affairs of removing the oil on the face because lemon has a very high vitamin C which is useful to ward off free radical attacks that make your face tetep fresh even though you are much outside activity.


  • Take the lime and cut into 2 parts
  • Cut thin and paste
  • Rub it slowly until it feels evenly throughout the face
  • Do it every day so that your face oil quickly disappear and your face will be fresh Setu hari

2. Celery leaves

Celery leaf is a spice that is usually used as a complement to the making of soup. Because this celery has a unique taste and can make the soup more fragrant and delicious. In addition to having a unique aroma of celery leaves is also very powerful to remove oil on your face. For women who have oily facial problems read my tips on how to get rid of oil on this face thoroughly and in the shortest tempo.


  • Prepare the leaves of celery to taste.
  • Rajang until smooth
  • Soak with warm water.
  • Then let stand for about 25-35 minutes.
  • Sharing until the water is completely discharged and let stand for about 25-35 minutes.
  • Next apply to the entire surface of your face so that your facial oil is lost
  • If you want fast and maximum results do the above tricks regularly depending on which you want to choose.

3. With egg white mask

Did you know that egg whites can be useful mengihilang your face oil to clean. Even the women are very fond of this egg is very easy to find and its use is very simple and fast. Because women prefer the easy way and Simple but both have beneficial benefits. As a result many women who use this way to remove the oil face let alone how easy to make anyone can make it dikala people have a solid routine. If you want to know how you can see the following way.


  • Prepare 1 chicken eggs
  • Solve and separate the yellow and white parts.
  • Take the white liquid then shake until foamy and you can make a mask.
  • Apply the mask to your whole face
  • Let stand for about 20-30 minutes until the mask is dry
  • Rinse with warm water until your face is clean
  • Do every 1x a day so your oily face can disappear completely.

Well, that's a little tips from me for those who want to have a clean face and oil-free tips how to remove oil on my face this you can try at home. I guarantee the outside results can be even beyond your expectations. Thank you ???? wassalam.